Liquid Brush Cleanser or Concealer Brush?

Practk has new products!

This heads up is for 2 neat products from Practk that are simply great. Between Liquid Brush Cleanser and Concealer Brush, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a closer look and see what we can see.

The first item is

Liquid Brush Cleanser 😋

Give your makeup brushes a deep, gentle clean with this natural brush cleanser. Perfect for everyday brush care, it eliminates product build-up, oil and dirt with simplicity!


  • Antimicrobial formula
  • Stops growth of bacteria for up to 2 weeks after use
  • Gentle on brushes, blenders and hands 
  • Shop in an awesome, dry place 
  • Cruelty-Free 
  • Vegan
  • Paraben, Sulfate + Phthalate-Free 


  1. Shake carefully before usage
  2. Apply 1-3 pumps straight onto wet brush fibers 

Practk >
Brush Cleaning > Liquid Brush Cleanser

Our 2nd product on the list for today is Concealer Brush 😉

Use the tiny brush mind for exact item positioning to hide blemishes, dark under-eye circles and other flaws with any concealer product.


  • Tiny brush mind for precise product placement
  • Covers up flaws from blemishes to dark undereye circles
  • Usage with any concealer product
  • Wash before use recommended
  • Free 1-Year Warranty
  • Cruelty-free + Vegan

Practk >
Makeup Application > click and buy Concealer Brush

I’m saying my pick between these two is.. hands down… Concealer Brush.