About Modest Rebels

Julie, Modest Rebels

Hi everyone! My name’s Julie and this is my site, Modest Rebels dedicated to online shopping.

If you’re a busy mom like me, you probably don’t have time to be running around to the grocery store and mall to get everything you need for your family and for entertaining!

I hope you’ll be inspired by some of the products I have listed on my site, as it’s my curated collection for everyday things you can order online – saving you countless trips to the store.

With more and more online stores popping up online everyday, chances are you can pretty much get anything you need delivered to your doorstep without even having to leave your home.

From meal kits, to groceries, clothing, alcohol, makeup, local produce, cleaning products, computers, you name it!

We have a busy household with 3 kids, Mason (9), Eli (7), and Jade (4). I work part time as a receptionist at a dentist’s office, and my husband Paul works full time as an engineer. When we’re not working, every minute counts and we’ve learned how to become really efficient at planning our time so we can spend the most amount of time together as a family instead of worrying about the little things.

Our kids are constantly on the go with school, after school activities, and sports so weeknights can be hectic. I’m in charge of the “purchasing” department, (or so I like to call it!). I manage our household “inventory” and make sure we always have ready-to-go snacks, food in the freezer that’s already prepped and just needs to be heated up, and I use Amazon Subscribe and Save to always have those household items like paper towel, toilet paper, toothpaste etc automatically delivered on a regular basis so we never run out.

We also try to do a big grocery store order so we have all the ingredients we need at once to meal prep for the weeks to come.

I even love ordering fresh flowers and candles to the house which always add such a homey touch and really make our home feel cozy.

Of course ordering online doesn’t mean you can’t shop local. There are plenty of local businesses you can support by shopping local – online. We enjoy ordering fresh produce and local organic chicken and beef from our hometown butcher shop.

If you want to spend less time running around from store to store, start making the switch to buy more of your products online and use your time for more enjoyable activities like spending time with your family, friends, or getting out and exercising!

I recommend keeping track of your online shopping purchases using a spreadsheet so you know what you’ve ordered, and for things like groceries and household items, you can keep track of when you need to order them again.

Happy shopping!